Model of animal cell using plasticine

I enjoy science 🔬 projects. Cells are tiny organisms that are building blocks of our body.

My winter ❄️ holiday was going well. I had a homework 📚 to make a model of an animal 🦓 cell. Me and my father had gone to a supermarket. We bought different colours of plasticine and headed home 🏠. I settled on my desk and opened the package. I tested all tools and I was ready to make the model.

Step 1: I took a cardboard.Step 2: I took blue plasticine and made a circle with curly lines.Step 3: Then I made it flat.Step 4: Then I took yellow plasticine and outlined the blue plasticine. That completed cytoplasm and cell membrane.Step 5: I took red plasticine and made it flat.Step 6: I stuck that into the blue plasticine’s layer. This completed the nucleus.Step 7: Then I took brown plasticine and made it flat then stuck it on top of the red plasticine. This completed nucleolus.Step 8: Then I took green plasticine and shaped it like a bean.Step 9: Then I stuck it on the blue plasticine’s layer and made patterns then repeated it three times. This completed the mitochondria.Step 10: Then I took orange 🍊 plasticine and made it flat and stuck it on the blue plasticine’s layer.This completed the vacuole. It is ready.Hope you liked this blog of mine. Hope you learned something. Thank you 🙏.

Here’s how it looks.

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